Here at Grian , we believe that solar energy is the number one solution for providing a reliable, sustainable power source to companies and militaries who operate abroad. Solar energy is particularly useful for those who operate in more volatile areas prone to power outages, natural disasters or civil unrest. Solar energy provides a clean, renewable, accessible source of energy for companies and militaries who rely on a dependable source of power. In this article, we consider how solar energy and its sustainable nature provides huge benefits for large companies and militaries operating in foreign territory.

What Makes Solar Energy The Number One Solution?


For companies and militaries based in the developing world there are many threats to their energy supply. These include natural disasters, civil unrest and the lack of dependable infrastructure to facilitate reliable energy supply. The use of solar energy guarantees a reliable energy source so that companies and militaries can get on with their important tasks, not having to worry about when the next blackout may occur.

The earth receives approximately 173 trillion kW of energy from the sun at any one time throughout the day which is over 10,000 times the energy that the entire world uses. By harnessing the power of the sun, companies and militaries can be safe in the knowledge that power outages will not impact their daily tasks. This reduces time wastage, improves productivity and ensures your ground crew are kept safe at all times.

Low Maintenance

One of the key benefits of traditional electricity supply is its low maintenance. However, when traditional energy sources are weak or unavailable then their low level of maintenance is no longer such a bonus. Not only is solar energy extremely reliable but it also needs very low maintenance. Solar photovoltaic systems which are the most common type of solar energy system harness electricity directly from the sun. These systems are extremely easy to maintain and do not need to be refuelled.

 This low level of maintenance allows companies and militaries to focus on the task in hand. Low maintenance reduces time wastage and wastage of resources on tasks such as sourcing fuel for generators or solving a supply issue for example.

The Alternative To Fossil Fuels

The unsustainable nature of fossil fuels is well known. They deplete the earth’s resources and have a negative global impact. Fossil fuels often seem like the cheapest and most convenient solution for electricity generation but when their long term impact is looked at they clearly become the most expensive and damaging option. Many developing countries rely on diesel generators which are unreliable and require constant refuelling. The use of solar energy provides a renewable, cheaper, safer method of energy supply which is not damaging our planet long term.

Militaries who rely on diesel generators must often use personnel to guard diesel supplies from theft or to source diesel. This use of time and resources could be better implemented elsewhere. For companies, their corporate responsibility and long-term sustainability plans are key reasons to avoid the use of fossil fuels.

Solar Energy & Sustainability

The Facts

Solar energy is one of the most sustainable sources of electricity that we have. The environmental footprint of a unit of solar power generated is just a mere fraction of the footprint of conventional electricity sources. Solar energy offers the most cost-effective method of generating electricity that does not impact the environment or our health negatively. 

Solar panels generate around 30 times more power over their lifetime than what is required to manufacture them. This means that solar panels pay back the power that was needed to manufacture them in less than a year with this figure constantly improving as solar becomes more mature.

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate responsibility considers the impact that a company has on society and is a huge consideration for any company operating today. The implementation of solar energy helps companies to boost their sustainable practices. Solar energy solutions can be utilised to power the company itself but can also be used to support the local communities surrounding or working for the company. 

Our solar energy solution can be used as a vital tool for companies seeking to boost their sustainable practices and support their local communities. Grian can be quickly and easily incorporated into any brand’s corporate social responsibility plan. Our Grian system is an innovative, effective way for companies to help poverty-stricken communities in the global fight to save our planet. This powerful energy solution can be placed in areas where a company operates, helping to both offset their carbon footprint and give back to local communities. There are a variety of Grian solutions available which are suitable for all industries, environments and locations. No matter where your location we can offer a solution to provide power to those living in surrounding communities or to the facility itself. We also work with a number of charities and NGO’s if a company would be interested in a partnership to help these organisations reach their goals. Learn more about our solution here.

Sustainability Programmes

The use of quickly deployable, robust solar energy solutions such as Grian are perfect for remote community electrification programmes which are often spearheaded by companies or militaries based in the area. One Grian system can provide enough power 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to support and enhance life for a small village of 20 houses. Each system has the required cabling, external sockets, lights and plugs to ensure that every end user has the ability to enjoy power quickly, efficiently and cleanly.

Sustainability programmes are a key consideration for both companies and militaries based in developing companies. The provision of a solar energy programme to those living in these locations provides a whole host of benefits both for the people receiving this source of energy and for the planet.

Our Solution

Grian is a rapidly deployable solar energy solution aimed at supporting any organisation or agency with a remote energy generation requirement. Developed to provide the energy solution for militaries, aid agencies, disaster relief, expeditions and remote populations, our solution can help provide rapid, renewable energy where it is needed most. The team who established Grian have an experienced military background having worked and lived-in war-torn areas for many years. An easily transported, timely solar energy solution such as Grian goes beyond other conventional energy systems to deliver sustainable energy as a complete solution.

Our teams can provide deployment support and training to companies or military personnel to ensure that troubleshooting issues are resolved and maximum performance are achieved from each unit. Our ability to remotely monitor and control the systems performance ensures that we can quickly identify and remedy any issues with optimum performance. 

To learn more about Grian and how it can provide the solution to your company or the military’s energy needs book an appointment here.