The Problem

When a crisis occurs, be it from war or natural disaster, electric power is usually the first vital service that is lost. The effects of this loss of power are enormous. Without electricity for homes, hospitals, food stores and other vital services people’s needs go unmet at a time when they are already going through much hardship. Traditionally, the answer to providing energy in times of crisis was diesel generators. Unfortunately, diesel generators come with many problems including their unsafe nature, the difficulty of constantly having to be refuelled, high maintenance costs and their impact on the environment. However, there is a far more reliable, safer, crisis management tool which can be implemented to ensure that electricity can be provided during the most difficult of times.

That solution is solar energy and in particular – Grian™ .

The Solution

Grian™ is a rapidly deployable solar energy solution aimed at supporting any organisation or agency with a remote energy generation requirement. Developed to provide the energy solution for militaries, aid agencies, disaster relief, expeditions and remote populations, our solution can help provide rapid, renewable energy where it is needed most. The rapidly deployable and renewable nature of Grian™  makes it an ideal solution to be implemented as a crisis management tool.

One Grian™ System is at least $10K cheaper over its lifetime than its equivalent diesel generator, has no maintenance costs, no logistical tail, provides no risk to life, and each unit prevents more than 300 Tonnes of C02 emission into the atmosphere. This can allow corporations, charities and communities to harvest Grian’s™ CO2 offset and trade this commodity to further balance out the cost of the system throughout its lifetime. An easily transported, timely solar energy solution such as Grian™ goes beyond other conventional energy systems to deliver sustainable energy as a complete solution.

The Role of Grian™  in Crisis Management

The idea of using solar power for crisis and disaster management is not a new concept. Hurricane Hugo in 1998 is believed to be the first time that solar power was used in the aftermath of a natural disaster. Solar energy has advanced considerably since 1998 but yet we see continued use of diesel generators. Now is the time to realise that solar energy solutions such as Grian™ are the way forward to sustainably, reliably and safely provide energy during the management of a crisis situation.

Grian’s™ versatility of delivery, speed of deployment and ability to produce power quickly and remotely make it the system of choice to any agency involved in delivering emergency relief from disasters. A single Grian™ system can quickly and independently produce enough power to support life and essential services when primary and tertiary power sources are unavailable due to natural disasters and other large-scale emergencies. Grian™ has been specifically designed and constructed to quickly fill the power void created by the destruction of electric grids, ensuring lifesaving activity can quickly resume. On completion of its task, Grian™  can be quickly extracted and redeployed or serviced and stored for the next deployment.

The ease at which Grian™ can be deployed and extracted make it ideal for responding to crisis situations. While rapid recovery of the power grid is the ideal solution, in the interim the use of rapid solar energy is a temporary, highly effective solution. Solar systems such as Grian™  can be shipped to the affected area, easily set up on site and provide large amounts of power in just a matter of hours. Solar energy solutions are the way forward in crisis management. They save lives with the additional benefit of being environmentally friendly and a safe alternative to diesel powered generators.


Although there are clear advantages to the use of solar energy to responded to crises, it is still not being considered by NGOs during relief planning and is not stored or ready to go when disaster strikes. NGOs still store and deploy traditional, unsafe solutions such as diesel generators. The time is now for State Agencies, NGOs and MNCs to act on behalf of developing countries. Grian™ is the solution the world has been waiting for.

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Here at Grian™, we believe in the power of solar energy as a crisis management tool. One Grian™ unit has the capability to power 20 average Nigerian homes per year. Our solar energy system is easy to transport and deploy and was created by an experienced team with military backgrounds who have seen the first-hand impact of energy loss in disaster areas as well as the benefits that solar energy can provide.

To learn more about Grian™ and how we can practically supply clean energy as a crisi management solution, schedule a chat with us here.