Corporate Responsibility

Grian™ Efficient – Clean – Anywhere

Clean Energy as a means of Corporate Responsibility

Grian ™ is a solar energy solution that can be used as a vital tool for corporations seeking to boost their sustainable practices and support their local communities. Defining an approach to the impact of global warming, and implementing responsible business practices is an important part of any corporation’s business strategy. Grian ™ can be quickly and easily incorporated into any brand’s corporate social responsibility plan.

The Grian ™ system is an innovative, effective way for companies to help poverty-stricken communities in the global fight to save our planet. This powerful solar energy solution can be placed in areas where the company operates, helping to both offset their carbon footprint and give back to local communities. Partnering with us helps to give any business the opportunity to support environmentally friendly practices and greatly improve the lives of those living without access to clean, sustainable energy.

There are a variety of Grian ™ solutions available suitable for all industries, environments and locations. No matter where your company’s facilities are placed globally, we can offer a Grian ™ solution to give power to those living in surrounding neighbourhoods or to the facility itself. We also work with a number of charities and NGO’s globally, for any company that might be interested in a partnership to help these organisations to reach their goals.

Why Grian? 

In our experience both in the military and as civilians, our target areas run into extreme issues with remote energy sources. These challenges historically pertain to the logistics and cost of existing energy solutions. Especially with dirty, fuel centric energy sources such as Diesel that can be difficult to store and dangerous to transport. Grian™ aims to solve these problems by being:


Easy to Implement and Maintain


Expert ongoing support & roll out options


Quiet for non-permissive environments


Cost Effective vs. Alternative Power Sources


Rapidly deployable by land, air or sea.


Sustainable & Environmentally Friendly