Grian™ Efficient – Clean – Anywhere


We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions which you can browse through below. Ifyou have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch via our contact form or eve book a Zoom meeting with our team to learn more about Grian ™.



How long does it take to deploy?

30 mins from touch down at deployment site.

How quickly can it begin to produce power?


What Technical Support is available?

Full technical support package triggered remotely.

What sort of regions and climate can it operate in?

All areas and regions with access to Sun Light

How is Grian™ different from other systems?

Its power output, speed of deployment and efficiency. 

Where can it be deployed and how?

Anywhere by Sea/Air/Land.

Does a Grian™ unit require a foundation?

No – the system can be dropped in with minimal preparation.

Can Grian ™ assist with delivery and deployment of the system?

Yes, we can provide full logistical support, deployment and training. 

Can Grian™ be operated and monitored remotely?

Yes – each unit is fitted with this capability.

How do you order a Grian™ Unit?

Please get in touch and book a meeting with our team – Contact us here

How many people could one unit help?

A single Grian Unit could power the equivalent of 20 average Nigerian homes (5 person family) per year. (World Energy Council)

Are there any security and tracking measures that are integral to the system?

Yes – Each system is fitted with an alarm and GPS tracker that is remotely monitored 24/7.

Can the GPS Tracker be disabled?

Yes – We can disable this function for clients who wish to keep their operational locations private.

What is the difference between Grian Volta and Grian Minerva systems?

The Grian Volta System can provide up to 4.5kWh of energy over a 24hr period from a 4M Squared Footprint. The Grian Minerva System can provide up to 43.2kWh of energy over a 24hr period from a 140M Squared Footprints.

How quickly is the setup process for the Grian Volta system?

The Grian Volta System can be setup within 15 minutes.

What regions and climate can the Volta system operate in?

All areas and regions with access to good sunlight hours.

What technical support is available for the Grian Volta system?

Grian can provide a full technical support package.

Why Grian? 

In our experience both in the military and as civilians, our target areas run into extreme issues with remote energy sources. These challenges historically pertain to the logistics and cost of existing energy solutions. Especially with dirty, fuel centric energy sources such as Diesel that can be difficult to store and dangerous to transport. Grian™ aims to solve these problems by being:


Easy to Implement and Maintain


Expert ongoing support & roll out options


Quiet for non-permissive environments


Cost Effective vs. Alternative Power Sources


Rapidly deployable by land, air or sea.


Sustainable & Environmentally Friendly