Disaster Relief

Grian™ Efficient – Clean – Anywhere

Remote & Rapid Solar Energy for Disaster Relief

Grian’s versatility of delivery, speed of deployment and ability to produce power quickly and remotely make it the system of choice to any agency involved in delivering emergency relief from disasters.

A single Grian™  system can quickly and independently produce enough power to support life and essential services when primary and tertiary power sources are unavailable due to natural disasters and large-scale emergencies.

Grian™ was specifically designed and constructed to quickly fill the power void created by the destruction of national electrification grids, ensuring lifesaving activity can quickly resume. On completion of task, Grian™  can be quickly extracted and redeployed or  serviced and stored for the next deployment.

Why Grian? 

In our experience both in the military and as civilians, our target areas run into extreme issues with remote energy sources. These challenges historically pertain to the logistics and cost of existing energy solutions. Especially with dirty, fuel centric energy sources such as Diesel that can be difficult to store and dangerous to transport. Grian™ aims to solve these problems by being:


Easy to Implement and Maintain


Expert ongoing support & roll out options


Quiet for non-permissive environments


Cost Effective vs. Alternative Power Sources


Rapidly deployable by land, air or sea.


Sustainable & Environmentally Friendly